TruFin is a Web 3.0 product that provides solutions to individuals who want to manage risk and generate rewards in decentralised finance, securely on-chain.


Website Design, UX, SEO, WordPress, Website Development


Digital Design, WordPress, Website Development

The Process

The product is managed by an exciting tech startup, and we enjoyed working with the team to deliver a modern and stylish Web 3.0 site. We used a light and dark mode feature to mirror the tech-forward content.

The Solution

Unlike many of the portfolio websites we deliver, the TruFin website provides information directly to investors, partners and Web 3.0 enthusiasts. Product and document driven, the focus of the site was to highlight the core capabilities of their TruMATIC platform and drive visitors to their in-app product, while creating buzz around future platforms they are developing. We look forward to working with the team as they expand their offering.

The Results

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