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MindMaze is a global leader in brain technology with a mission to accelerate humanity’s ability to recover, learn and adapt.


Website strategy, brand tweaks, imagery curation, design, UX strategy, front-end development, back-end development.


Brand messaging, elegant design, compelling video and imagery-led pages.

The Challenge

Founder and CEO Tej Tadi first met with us back in 2018. The problem was simple. MindMaze had until that point been almost exclusively providers to the Healthcare industry. However, the neuro technology they had spent years developing also clearly had application and benefits to the wider world. Tej had a clear vision to apply all they had learnt treating the damaged brain and applying it to the healthy brain, to help optimal human performance. Creating superhumans. The challenge was to help reposition MindMaze and not just a healthcare business but as a business the public are aware of and who commercial businesses want to partner with and utilise their technology. 

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The Solution

Initially the idea was to launch a commercial microsite as a separate part of the business. After a very extensive discovery and research project, it was agreed with Tej that we needed one central brand and website which repositioned the brand, not ignoring the legacy in healthcare, but appealing to all manner of industries and the public. This became a much bigger project than we initially thought and Tej, as the founder and leader of a billion dollar tech business put a huge amount of trust in us to create the brand that would be the face of the company to the whole world. 

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The Results

We managed to create a brand and subsequent website and content, which conveyed a very complex set of products and technology to new markets and not to the detriment of the legacy healthcare business. 

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