Skylark has evolved over the years to become a key supplier of high quality websites to the corporate finance sector. It’s a sweet spot we love, and the new Capitalmind website is a great example of what we do best. A multi-language WordPress website, built on a custom theme, that is lightweight and fast loading.


Website Design, UX, SEO, WordPress


Digital Design, WordPress, Website Development

The Challenge

Capitalmind, an Investec company, chose Skylark as their partner on this journey. They recognised us to be an agency that had delivered many unique and inspiring sites in their industry. They wanted to push us that bit further and ensure that their website did not feel like a mirror of its competitors – something that Skylark also cares deeply about. 

The Solution

Working with their team on design, user journeys, animations, loading experience and more, we built a clean, modern site that represents their ambitious minds as a business. Capitalmind’s new site complements them as a global business with a personalised local touch; using people-led imagery and local landscapes for their global offices makes the organisation feel human and connected, while easily getting users to where they need to be.

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