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Alantra is a global investment banking, credit portfolio advisory and alternative asset management firm focusing on the mid-market with offices across Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia.

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Digital Design, WordPress, Website Development

Skylark and Alantra have been trusted partners for more than 7 years. Our work with them since 2016 has meant that their website has been at the forefront of their digital communication.

Alantra’s website is responsible for attracting hundreds of enquiries each year, supporting their internal communications team in successfully expressing the Alantra capabilities, attracting high-level investment opportunities from across the globe. Skylark’s work for Alantra has been recognized as a benchmark website for the corporate finance industry, resulting in year-on-year growth.  

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A fast growing corporate powerhouse in Europe, Alantra are the pinnacle of Investment banking, with a modern approach to digital marketing, driven by their website. At Skylark we worked extensively with the team to develop a user experience that takes users through a series of high level educational journeys bringing them closer to Alantra the more time they spend on the site. With each step the user develops an understanding of the brand’s capabilities, how this will work for the user visiting the site, and providing them with easy-to-use access points to reach out to Alantra. Thus, directing them to exactly the right people within the organisation. This conversion funnel has resulted in a significant uplift in traffic and enquiries through the Alantra website. With best in class SEO their latest merger and acquisition news is really well indexed on google and other search engines, and drives significant traffic in their strategy.

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Aside from the functionality, the Alantra website is a beautiful example of how something that can appear very formal and corporate can be made light, clean, and modern—aesthetically pleasing.

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We designed a series of motifs and animations that bring movement and flow to the website, focusing on micro-interactions and animations to make the website feel like a rich experience at every movement and click of the mouse.

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