Website strategy, Brand Lab, imagery shoots, design, UX strategy, front-end development, back-end development.


Brand messaging, feature animation, brand motif, tagline, elegant design, compelling people-led imagery.

Alantra’s excellence through design elegance

We reflected financial excellence and clarity of thinking though minimalist design and clear layout. We worked closely with the marketing team and senior teams to articulate the Alantra story and showcase what makes their firm, its people and the way they do business so unique. We travelled regularly to major cities to work in person with key teams and led regular calls to guide the creative process.

A relationship-based business in images

Alantra were keen to contrast the minimalist canvas with the warmth of the Alantra people. We devised a global shoot strategy to include all teams. We worked with Skylark’s lead doc photographer, Pete Drinkel and with local teams and shot documentary images and team headshots.

User-friendly & modern functionality

We used our core site-mapping strategy to help Alantra to delineate their three key business divisions: Investment Banking, Asset Management and Credit Portfolio Advisory. We mapped out audience user journeys to get users to required areas as fast as possible. Alantra’s objective was a user-friendly experience with intuitive navigation, modern functionality, and increased touch-points with the key people in the firm.

BrandLab: Exploring what a brand can be

We spent three months in Research and Development examining Alantra’s people, stories, culture, thinking, and sets of values. The cornerstone of our process for Brand Lab is Unpack, Distil, Evolve. This allows us to workshop key messages and present the brand back to the client. The foundation piece was the homepage animation which reflected the elegance of mind we find in the Alantra ethos and execution. We joined up with our finance copy partner, Shahla Haque in Brand Lab who wrote Alantra’s website copy & tagline, devised their tagline strategy and worked with the team to create key messages around culture.

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