Elegant animals, fabulous fauna, a turquoise Thames. Is that a giraffe sporting a Mohican or is it a skull?

Design is a practical and aesthetic discipline. Its function is both utility and to impact feeling. In the deep of winter, amongst the seas of dark coats and steely skies, we need retreats from the the minimalist to delight in the exuberant.

So for us, it’s not all about minimalist. Wonder and colour in our lives is essential and as adults, moments of wonder can feel few and far between.

That’s why we love Kristjana S. Williams, who is a regular inspiration for us. Her collages are a brilliant fusion of nature and culture – “a magical universe of exotic botanicals and vibrant animals.” Kristjana’s work can be found at The Victoria & Albert Museum, Penhaligons perfumeries and Fortum & Mason – as well as brightening the days of Skylark!