For Skylark, creativity is born out of curiosity and the willingness to question. We work with companies and institutions who don’t want cookie-cutter but don’t necessarily know where to go next. Brand Lab shows how to create a brief, how to articulate a brand narrative and evolve a digital brand that’s innovative, imaginative, and benchmark.

“For us, defining a brand is being comfortable with – if not delighting in a moving target. A firm is in constant evolution; acceleration and deceleration. We tap into that and articulate your brand message in real time.”

Elegant is ubiquitous. Technology is seamless. Websites are no longer an aggregation of facts with a few stock images. Apple came, saw, designed and conquered. And in its wake raised the bar for all of us on functional design.

Yet we find organisations struggle with showing the heart and soul of who they are – their core identity. There’s a kind of paralysis we encounter when firms try to find a meaningful way to compound their existing reputation on the digital canvas and ecosystem?

And so we created Brand Lab.

The Brand Lab Process

1. Unpack

Research is key to see the full picture. We delight in diving deeply into the essence of what makes an organisation tick, and look for what is it that makes them exceptional. We examine the unique ecosystem of people, culture, thinking, ideas. We try to help our clients see the value in the right question over hasty conclusions. And then we get in the workshop with our clients.

2. Distil

From our research and workshops, we create a structure of the core messages which is a distillation of the brand and its unique ecosystem of people, culture, thinking, ideas. We seek to articulate the essence of a firm without trying to pin it to the past or reduce it to simplistic clichés. We apply a cross-disciplinary approach – which brings energy and innovation to the work. We borrow from other disciplines that love to be curious – design, architecture, history, mathematics, religion, philosophy, art, physics, literature and movement.

3. Evolve

Once we have the framework, we help our clients see the opportunities writ large. We map out the company culture, individual values, products achievements, and people – and articulate these as webpages, content, animation, video, copy, data visualisation and live events.

Does this sound like you?

“We don’t want vanilla.”

Good. We hate mediocre. We have to do the work to get to know you. Then we know the right way to tell your story.

“We want to come across as we do in person.”

You can – we can help you do this on a digital canvas.

“How can you show our complexities – but tell it simply?”

Yes. That takes great research and understanding of website user experience.

“Can you help with our brief?

Yes we can. That’s where Brand Lab and our Digital Strategy come in. We can offer a modular approach to brief. We help you ask the right questions so you’re full of ideas and then know how to forecast cost accurately. Or if you come with a full brief and want to Q&A and fix an end-to-end cost we can offer that too.