Around about this time last year, we were in a sticky spot. We were flummoxed with our own home page and decided to take ourselves into the Brand Lab. It was a Malcovich Malcovich moment.

We’d produced our video to be front and centre, but it only spoke to the bolder elements of our work and not the more subtle aspects. As with all things Brand Lab, the right solutions present themselves when we leave the right space to think about them and workshop them creatively.

An elegant concept speaks louder than boldness

Perspective Shift

It struck us that elegance paradoxically speaks louder than boldness. But could we speak to boldness and elegance at once? So we flipped it. We decided to explore tagline as a central idea and video supporting it.

We love dynamic taglines where you can change out words and push the message in different ways. We researched heavily and found a development technique that allows a blast of video on mouse-over. This was it. Something elegant that worked dynamically for those short of time and something for the curious-minded.

Mouse-over the tagline reveals the video burst for the curious-minded

We called upon our long-time collaborator Shahla Haque. We briefed her with our messages, and dared her to find something concise with wordplay. We worked together as we do with our clients. We liked some ideas rejected lots and lots. We worked in layers and tried multiple messages in situ.

We didn’t mention websites. We quite obviously make websites. We wanted to convey the more that people look for when they come to us.

A good tagline is such an opportunity; to create more meaning and invite continuum of thought with an audience. But it’s also careful attention to the so-called problem and how that becomes the opportunity when it’s considered deeply and examined with creative force or conviction. That for us is the heart of innovation.

Tagline 101

A good tagline should do many things at once: –

It needs to very succinctly convey the essence of the firm or institution
It should encapsulate elements of your ethos
The tone of voice needs to be true
It should reflect the moment in time
It should speak about your audience’s wants or desires
It should speak about you – albeit tacitly
It should provoke thought
It should compound the design & imagery or rather they all compound each other
It doesn’t have to say what your product is

Our brand video which took its rightful place integrated fully with tagline.