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Discovery, Website Design, UX, Front-end Development, Back-end Development


Team Photo Shoot, Colour Coded Page Hierarchies

Distinctive Style

We produced a website with Pitch’s distinctive style and expertise in mind. Using bold colours and mouse-over animations, content is delivered in seamless, eye-catching fashion.

pitch marketing partnerships

Bold Storytelling

Pitch tell stories that help their clients standout. We integrated full page, expressive images and videos throughout the site to visually showcase their campaigns. 

Branding the Team

Skylark shot bright, colourful portraits of the team and office for Pitch to iterate the human element and character behind their bold thinking.

pitch marketing team photos

About Pitch

Pitch specialise in creating distinctive marketing campaigns that are award-winning across sponsorship, PR, creative and digital industries. They have three divisions: Partnerships, PR and Productions; offering expertise across all marketing needs. 

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