We met the team at GRNDHOUSE right at the beginning of their digital journey to becoming a global fitness brand. The team are high energy, accomplished, personal trainers with ambitions to transform the way we engage with resistance training online. Tipped to be the Peloton of resistance training, the team at Skylark knew immediately they wanted to be part of that journey.


Digital Design, Digital Transformation.


Advanced UX and UI, responsive app design, gamification elements including progress visualisations including bespoke badges.

The Challenge

From the very outset we knew the team had incredible ideas and cared passionately about delivering a best in class, personalised experience to their users. With all of the ideas and passion, it was Skylarks job to harness that and turn it in to a digital product that will blow the market away, and we think we did.

The Solution

Through a series of socially distanced face-to-face discovery workshops, review sessions and video calls, we established a digital architecture, framework, scope of work, user personas and user journeys for their new mobile app. We were fortunate to have data and feedback from their MVP web app which already had over 1000 subscribers, with incredible engagement, and we were able to take that success and build upon it, introducing enhanced personalisation, enriched gamification and an app that looked and felt like it lived up to the larger than life personalities that make up the brand of GRNDHOUSE.

With a clear scope of work, and an understanding of what the app should be and will do, we engaged in a lengthy UX journey, planning every interaction, micro transaction and experience, down to the finest of detail. The result was a framework ready to take on the new brand experience that GRNDHOUSE had been developing alongside the project. A refreshed brand, new imagery, enhanced colour palette, new trophies, motifs and rewards dressed the wireframes and brought them to life. We accomplished an incredible prototype ready to be handed over to the development team.

The Results

At an exciting moment in the GRNDHOUSE journey—not long after we finished the designs and prototype—GRNDHOUSE closed in on their first round of seed investment. With that came a team of highly skilled developers and business advisors that we proudly handed the baton on to. They supported GRNDHOUSE in finishing the app and bringing it to market.

Today, GRNDHOUSE are realising their ambitions everyday, we have kept in contact and are enjoying seeing them grow to be a successful fitness brand. Their new studios in Paddington are incredible. So if you fancy an in person workout get yourself down there, or if you aren’t local but want to workout with the best online resistance training team, then get on the App Store and search for GRNDHOUSE, or visit using the link website below.

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