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Website Design, UX, Mobile-first, Front-end Development, Back-end Development


Full-screen Video Solution, CSS Animation, Cost Calculator Tool

Clear Information at a Glance

The Cash Collections website uses bold red graphics, clean white space and animations on load, to create a clean, easy-to-navigate site.

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G4S Cash Solutions wanted to speak more strategically to high street businesses and change the perception that they only serve banks and supermarkets. Skylark were commissioned to design, create content and make the interactive features for this e-commerce site.

Cost Calculator Tool

We created the Cost Calculator, an interactive tool to show how much money business owners could save using the Cash Collections service. The results output a true data infographic showing time, money and security benefits.

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About G4S Cash Collections

G4S Cash Solutions, formerly Securicor, launched this low-cost cash transit service to small UK businesses in 2015. Valued by banks and businesses small and large, they perform 50,000 services everyday with 32 depots across the UK.

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