In 2022 a group of Caroline Flack’s close friends and family organised a festival in her memory. The aim was to celebrate her life and to raise money for her favourite causes. From early inception the idea grew and, with the help of some amazing sponsors, by the time Flackstock arrived it had become a 5000 strong event with 28 incredible acts on stage. Flackstock 2022 was a magical day. It not only raised a huge sum of money, but it shouted out loud about the need for mental health awareness and became a safe place where people felt they could talk freely about their own mental health


Website design, front-end development, back-end development.


Feature animation for bespoke illustrations, mobile first development with responsive design, engaging multimedia-led pages.

The Challenge

Natalie Pinkham reached out to Ben, our Commercial Director, to see if we could help them with the Flackstock website. She explained this was an event where everyone involved was giving their time for free, from the organisers to the star acts and 100% of the proceeds were going to the charity partners. Understanding this, we were happy to help!  

The Solution

The team rallied quickly to provide a website which was visually appealing and had all the information people would need. In the frst year, there was no real content, so the site had to be a basic design but wilth clear CTA’s and an intuitive UX that would get people where they needed it and to be able to buy tickets quickly and easily.  

Year two was a different story. After the success of the first year, our team had a ton of content to work with and got the opportunity to flex their design muscles and deliver the website you see today. 

The Results

The primary result is a great event website that has serviced the Flackstock team and ticket buyers brilliantly. More than that, it has been a great exercise for the Skylark team, to come together and work on something truly rewarding. For the team to be able to be part of an event like this when it was just an idea, to see what it has become and to play some small part in that has been truly a rewarding experience. 

The Skylark Team a super proud to be able to help such a good cause and we look forward to continuing to do so.   

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