Cheevers Poole

Cheevers Poole is a Main Contractor founded in 2013 with a commitment to excellence and an unwavering resolve to deliver projects that transcend all expectations.


Re-brand, website strategy, design, UX strategy, front-end development, back-end development.


Full rebrand, pattern, video integration, elegant design, compelling image-led portfolio

The Challenge

Cheevers Poole wanted a modern and elegant website that demonstrated their excellence and relentless attention to detail in restoring, redeveloping and reimagining the world’s most prestigious addresses. They wanted to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience and allow its users to see their values come to life on their portfolio.

The Solution

We worked closely with the marketing team to articulate the Cheevers Poole’s personality and showcase what makes their brand, its people and the way they do business so unique. We developed the site’s functionality, allowing it to be compatible with all browsers and mobile devices and added very subtle and elegant animations. We proposed a re-brand to ensure they were communicating the same message consistently across all touch points.

The Results

The result is a slick and elegant website, showcasing their high quality and luxurious body of work. The modern and elegant feel to their brand shines through front and centre. Whilst making sure we kept their brand identity at the core of their website, we also made it easy and simple to navigate. The result being a website that it both beautiful to view and to move around.

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