We regularly visit galleries as a team to refresh our ideas and research project work. November 2019 took the Skylark team to visit Olafur Eliasson’s Exhibition ‘In Real Life’. The show explores our preconceptions and fixed narratives about space and culminates with a room called The Expanded Studio, which explores Eliasson’s deep engagement with social and environmental issues.

Arthur: ” There was something magical about our visit to the Tate. Outside of the Instagramable features, Olifur Eliason treated us to his dreamscapes. It left an impression on me at the time. It still does.”

Josefina: “The whole exhibition challenged the perceptions of my own corporality and surroundings. Every piece was somehow an invitation to connect with my senses, body and mind as opposed to ‘doing’ something, actioning, (which seems to be more valued these days)”.

Sam: “There was so much to see and take part in as we journeyed through the exhibition. It worked all senses of the body; from bright light to complete darkness, to the smell of the fog while walking through the tunnel. Every corner you turned was unexpected. That’s unusual and exhilarating”.

Sophie: I loved the perspectives, shadows and reflections. It’s amazing to be immersed in a completely different set of worlds”.

Clare: “It was the perfect collision between nature and culture. The experience of being confined by fog scrambled my senses. It was claustrophobic and expansive – when you were alone in the fog it was eerie and peaceful – it only made sense when other human forms emerged”.